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Charles Adu Boahen Exonerated By OSP – A Scathing Indictment Of Political Smear Campaigns And Mob Mentality”



In a recent development, the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has released its long-awaited report regarding the alleged bribery saga involving Charles Adu Boahen, the former Minister of State. The report concludes that Adu Boahen did not engage in any corruption or corruption-related offenses falling under the mandate of the Special Prosecutor.

This report comes almost a year after the initial controversy sparked by the Tiger Eye PI investigation. Unfortunately, it does little to restore the reputation of a man who has been proven innocent but unjustly smeared. Adu Boahen was subjected to entrapment, coercion, and a rushed indictment based on the Tiger Eye PI video, which, upon unbiased examination, shows signs of entrapment.

The political world, including the highest echelons of the Presidency, condemned him without a thorough analysis, reflecting a rush to judgment and a mob mentality. This hasty reaction has caused irreparable harm to Adu Boahen’s political career.

The report highlights the need for caution when dealing with such allegations and emphasizes the importance of examining the motives of investigative institutions like Tiger Eye PI. It calls for a more rigorous and dispassionate evaluation of the facts in order to reach proper conclusions.


In November 2022, Tiger Eye PI, an investigative firm in Ghana led by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, released an exposé titled “Galamsey Economy.” The exposé featured a clandestine meeting in Dubai between Charles Adu Boahen and a Sheik who was purportedly interested in investing in Ghana. The meeting ended with Adu Boahen receiving a cash gift of $40,000 for shopping. This exposé led to Adu Boahen’s dismissal from his position as a Minister of State.

The OSP’s Findings

The Office of the Special Prosecutor initiated an investigation into the Adu Boahen case following a complaint from Tiger Eye PI and a referral from the President’s office. The OSP’s report concluded that Adu Boahen’s conduct amounted to trading in influence or influence peddling. However, there was no actual criminal prohibition against his actions within the OSP’s mandate. As a result, the investigation into allegations of corruption and corruption-related offenses was closed, with the possibility of reopening if circumstances and facts dictate.


The report highlights the need for an intellectual and rigorous approach to political discourse when issues arise. It warns against hasty judgments that can ruin reputations unjustly, as has happened in Adu Boahen’s case. The report also suggests the need to update Ghana’s criminal code and emphasizes the importance of proper and unbiased investigations in the future.

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