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Parliament Approves ‘Wee’ For Industrial Use



Ghana Parliament Approves Industrial Use of Cannabis, Sets THC Limit at 0.3%

In a landmark decision, the Ghanaian Parliament has given its approval for the industrial use of cannabis, marking a significant departure from previous narcotics regulations. The move comes following the endorsement of the Narcotics Control Commission Regulations 2023.

According to the newly approved regulations, cannabis cultivation for industrial purposes is now legal, provided that the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the plant does not exceed 0.3%. THC is the psychoactive compound responsible for the intoxicating effects commonly associated with marijuana.

However, Interior Minister Ambrose Dery moved swiftly to dispel any misconceptions, emphasizing that the decision did not extend to the legalization of recreational marijuana. Minister Dery clarified that Ghana does not currently cultivate strains with such low THC levels but is making preparations to import relevant strains for industrial use.

Before the approval, concerns were raised by Minority Chief Whip, Governs Kwame Agbodza, who voiced apprehensions about the potential for drug abuse and its impact on mental health. Agbodza cautioned that the move might not necessarily have a positive impact on the country.

“None of you is talking about the potential for abuse and how that can degenerate into mental health problems we already have in this country. Why are we pretending that this is going to solve our problem? Minister? Do you even know how many people in this country are smoking weed?” Agbodza questioned during the parliamentary session.

He further pointed out the challenges of regulating the industry, drawing a parallel with the inability to effectively monitor the country’s electricity production. “Even electricity that the sources we produce we are known, we are unable to police the amount of electricity we produce in this country. You are not talking about giving licenses to people to produce weed,” he remarked.

Despite these concerns, proponents of the decision argue that the industrial use of cannabis could open new economic opportunities for the country. The government’s decision to regulate THC levels reflects an effort to strike a balance between potential economic benefits and addressing public health concerns associated with marijuana use.

As Ghana moves forward with the implementation of these regulations, the industrial use of cannabis is poised to become a significant aspect of the country’s economic landscape, albeit with continued scrutiny and debate over its potential impact.

Source: GhanaFeed.Com


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