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Court Throws Out Famous ‘Sugar Daddy-Sidechick’ Case



In a stunning courtroom drama that could rival the juiciest soap operas, an Accra High Court has unceremoniously tossed out a lawsuit filed by one Deborah Seyram Adablah against her alleged “sugar daddy” Ernest Kwasi Nimako. The court, seemingly unimpressed by what some might call a tale of love gone sour, sided with Nimako’s legal team from the swanky Kulendi@Law, who argued that the case lacked the essential spice of merit.

With legal jargon flying as fast as promises allegedly made by Nimako, the court ruled that Adablah failed to serve up any reasonable cause of action and questioned the very legal foundation of the supposed contract at the heart of this melodrama.

In a courtroom filled with gasps and whispered speculations, Nimako’s legal eagles managed to convince the judge that Adablah’s claims were as flimsy as a house of cards in a gentle breeze. They boldly asserted that, if there was any contract in question, it was as legally binding as a handshake in the dark.

Adablah, on her part, had spun a web of broken promises and dashed dreams before the court. She accused Nimako of reneging on a laundry list of commitments, including the withdrawal of a car gift after just one year, covering only a fraction of the promised three-year accommodation, and failing to deliver on a monthly stipend that would make most people green with envy.

The heart of the matter, according to Adablah, lies in Nimako’s alleged failure to follow through on his commitment to divorce his wife and make an honest woman out of her. But it wasn’t just about matters of the heart; Adablah also claimed that Nimako persuaded her to undergo a family planning treatment, only to be left with medical bills for what she described as a “side effect.”

In response to these allegations, the court did not merely throw the book at Adablah; it practically launched the entire library. The judge, in a fit of courtroom theatrics, declared that Adablah’s claims were about as substantive as a soap bubble in a hurricane.

As the curtains closed on this legal spectacle, Adablah’s requests for the transfer of car titles, lump sum payments, and outstanding accommodation bills were summarily dismissed. The court, perhaps in a bid to showcase its comedic timing, suggested that Adablah might find solace in the realm of reality rather than relying on sugar-coated promises.

In a surprising twist, legal experts are now predicting a potential surge in sales of self-help books and resilience seminars, as individuals across the country reevaluate their relationship contracts and wonder if their own promises are as legally airtight as they once believed. Only time will tell if this courtroom saga has truly reached its final chapter or if a sequel awaits in the wings.

Source: GhanaFeed.Com


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