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Open Shame As GPHA Security Exchange Blows With Immigration Officers At Tema Port



In a scene straight out of an action movie, the tranquil ambiance of Tema Port was shattered by a clash of epic proportions between security personnel from the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) and officers from the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). What started as a routine day at the port quickly escalated into a physical confrontation, leaving onlookers wondering if they had stumbled onto the set of a poorly scripted drama.

The dramatic showdown, captured on video, showcased the volatile exchange between these two formidable groups at the heart of Ghana’s maritime operations. Reports flooded in, detailing how a group of GPHA security members, stationed at Meridian Port Services (MPS), launched what could only be described as a daring raid on the GIS office at MPS. Their mission? To apprehend two GIS officers following a disagreement during routine vessel checks on the MSC DYMPHNA.

The crux of the conflict? The audacious insistence of the GPHA security on conducting searches on the GIS officers post their inspection duties. It seems the GPHA’s finest were not content with merely inspecting cargo; they had set their sights on conducting a full-body search operation. However, the GIS officers, demonstrating a commendable commitment to personal privacy (and perhaps a touch of common sense), adamantly refused this request. They argued that while their bags could be searched, the individuals themselves were off-limits for inspection. One GIS officer even went as far as to highlight the impropriety of a male searching a female officer—a point that surely had even the most stoic observers suppressing a smirk.

But alas, the GPHA security was not to be dissuaded by such trivial matters as personal boundaries or professional courtesy. The refusal of the GIS officer was met with resistance and animosity, sparking a heated exchange of insults and, eventually, physical altercations. In a moment that will surely go down in the annals of Tema Port history, the uniform of an officer identified as AICO II Boadu was torn asunder, symbolizing the tattered state of order and professionalism within the port environment.

As investigations into the altercation begin, one can’t help but ponder the need for improved communication and conflict resolution strategies between these feuding security agencies. After all, if they can’t even agree on who gets to pat down whom, how can we trust them to keep our ports safe and secure?

The Tema Port, a vital gateway for trade and commerce in Ghana, now stands at a crossroads, awaiting a swift resolution to this troubling security breach. Will peace and harmony prevail, or will the clash of titans continue to disrupt the tranquility of one of Ghana’s most important economic hubs? Only time will tell.

Source: GhanaFeed.Com


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