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Adwoa Safo Faces Embarrassing Opposition From Constituents As Market Women ‘Chase Her Away’



Sarah Adwoa Safo Met with Hooting and Disapproval During Constituency Visit

The Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo, encountered a wave of vocal opposition during her visit to the Dome Market in her constituency last Wednesday. Her extended absence from both Parliament and her constituency fueled constituents’ discontent, leading to a dramatic confrontation captured in a viral video circulating on social media.

In the widely shared video, Sarah Adwoa Safo is seen attempting to reconnect with market women by shaking hands and engaging in conversations. However, her efforts were overshadowed by the overwhelming disapproval voiced through hooting, shouting, and clapping by some of the traders.

Constituents Chant for Change

The market women expressed their dissatisfaction with the MP through a chorus of chants, including “We want change” and “Adwoa Safo, we don’t want you again.” This display of discontent underscores the constituents’ frustration with the perceived lack of representation and engagement from their elected representative.

Extended Absence Sparks Concern

Sarah Adwoa Safo’s extended absence from both Parliament and her constituency has raised concerns among her constituents. Many have questioned her commitment to addressing their needs and the challenges they face.

Calls for Accountability

This incident highlights the importance of elected officials remaining connected with their constituents and addressing their concerns. As the vocal opposition gains attention, calls for greater accountability from public representatives grow louder.

Impact on Upcoming Elections

The vocal opposition Sarah Adwoa Safo faced during her constituency visit may have a significant impact on the upcoming elections. It serves as a reminder that constituents play a pivotal role in determining the future of their representatives and that public officials must actively engage with their communities to address their concerns and gain their trust.

The MP’s office has not released an official statement regarding the incident, and the situation remains a focal point of discussion among constituents and political observers in Dome Kwabenya. The upcoming months may prove crucial for Sarah Adwoa Safo as she navigates the challenges of regaining the trust and support of her constituents.

Adwoa Safo
Allegations of Sabotage and Personal Challenges Surround Her Extended Stay in the United States

The controversial absence of Adwoa Safo, who was serving as the Minister for Children, Gender, and Social Protection, from her parliamentary duties during a period of intense political turmoil, left a single vote gap for the ruling party, leading to the failure of crucial government business in the hung Ghanaian Parliament. This raised allegations of sabotage against her own party, particularly during the Speaker’s election, resulting in fervent calls for her removal from both Parliament and the executive branch of the government.

However, the reasons for her extended absence have been the subject of much debate and speculation. It was revealed that she had faced a series of distressing events, including threats from the US government to take custody of her two children. In her own account of the situation, the Member of Parliament stated that she was compelled to remain in the United States for an extended period to care for her son, who required surgery. This occurred after she had suffered a stillbirth.

Despite her explanations, many constituents and political observers questioned her absence from parliamentary sessions while she appeared on TikTok, dancing and singing. They argued that these actions did not align with the behavior of a distressed mother and were instead perceived as disrespectful to Parliament and her constituents.

Return to Parliament and Upcoming Bid

Adwoa Safo has since returned to the country and resumed her role in Parliament, albeit losing her ministerial position. In a bid to address the concerns raised during her absence, she has issued apologies to members of her constituency and her party. Currently, she is engaged in stakeholder consultations in preparation for the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) parliamentary primaries.

Seeking Reconciliation and Reconnection

With the upcoming parliamentary primaries on the horizon, Adwoa Safo aims to reconcile with her constituents and regain their trust. Her return to the political arena marks the beginning of a new chapter as she strives to demonstrate her dedication to serving her constituents and her commitment to her role in Parliament.

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