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A letter To Domelevo- No one Sits Forever On A Throne In A World That Works With Time



Dear Uncle  Domelevo, I had no idea who you were despite your occupying of such a concrete and perhaps coveted position of our dear Republic of Ghana; Auditor General.

Until the president’s directive that you should embark on leave for I-don’t-Know-why because there have been so many reasons in the media in relation to the aforementioned.

I call you Uncle because it’s evident that I could be your daughter by birth. By the way, back to some of the reasons why you should proceed on leave, one of the many which made me laugh despite the apparent ‘seriousness’ of the situation is that you need to get restive because you are tired. Hahahaha! Please forgive my manners. Restive! Tired! How was that in the first place? You don’t seem tired with all the energy with which you keep divulging all the dramatic happenings around you as an Auditor General in the New Patriotic Party Government. One needs so much energy to do all that you are doing ever since the directive came from the presidency that you should proceed on leave.

First, I have admired your resilience to stand for what you deemed right. I admired your wanting to fight the supposed inequality and unfairness that this curse gift of political parties in the name of democracy had bestowed upon us.

Why would the president just ask a capable and able person like yourself with such a sensitive position to proceed on leave especially when they had not been any question mark on your performance as an Auditor General? This is so much apparent but who am I to say especially when it’s just my opinion or better still, my reason might be otherwise from the president’s.

However, I still find it ridiculous that you could just be asked to go on leave for no reason or with such a raw excuse that you are tired. That is abject politics. Perhaps I should sympathize with you.

Uncle, there is something else my little mind would love to share with you. I have to use such an adjective because in our part of the world, it was quite ridiculous and or disrespectful for a girl my age to claim to have something helpful to share with you in a case like this. But I believe with your exposure and caliber of person, you would be welcoming enough to listen to me.

Uncle Domelevo, what I would like you to know in this instance is that, nobody sits forever on a throne in a world that works with time. Time takes us all away from relationships, moments, glories, shames and even the kind of ‘throne’ like what you are struggling so much to secure back to yourself again.

I understand what it might feel like and what you might be going through especially when you are used to all the privileges or entitlements that came with such a position. But ask yourself how long? How does someone else get the opportunity if you don’t leave? Time isn’t constant and so is every action and moment of our lives. There is a season and time for everything in this world.

No throne has ever been made solely for an individual in the land of the living; I don’t know about the dead since I’ve never died before.

So therefore Uncle, even if you felt that your situation is about people in power downplaying you because of politics, remember they themselves would not be on that throne forever. It is a basic universal law.

Once a man understands this basic law and concept, man would be prepared for such so-called betrayal and inevitable moments albeit that does not mean that a person should not react when he or she is being cheated.

You claim you want to serve. I understand how much it pains to be taken away from that which is your passion. That is why I resigned from my ‘okay’ earning job to do what I’m doing; my passion. However, there are so many ways you could still serve this country even as the person you are without being the Auditor General. I’m still wondering how you forgot that once there was or there had been Auditor-Generals even before yourself.

Uncle, please allow me to use this proverb that I learnt from Chinua Achebe’s book, ‘Anthills Of The Savannah, “it is praiseworthy to be brave but sometimes it is wiser to be the coward.” Also, it,  is very dangerous to work in an environment where you have no acceptance especially when money is involved. Perhaps there are colleagues backing your actions but believe my little mind, not everyone wants you back again, perhaps even many than you think.

Ending my letter, Uncle Domelevo, unless there are other reasons with which I have no idea, please let it go so someone else could also get the opportunity and or so you would also perhaps save yourself some more trouble.

By the way, never forget that, no King sits forever on a throne which works with time.


Your niece,




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