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40yrs Lifespan, S*x Tournaments, No Football In 22nd Century – Islamic Cleric Foretells



Self acclaimed spiritual hacker, Mallam Shamuna Ustaz Jibreel has predicted on what will happen in the 22nd Century.

The numerologist, Islamic Cleric, Philosopher, and Psychologist who is globally known for his accurate prediction says he has hacked into the 22nd century.

According to him, soccer would be replaced with “sex tournaments” – and shockingly, human beings will only live for 40 years.

In a statement, the Islamic cleric noted that – “People will no longer go to hospitals, doctors and nurses will give prescription remotely to patients.”

Read below his full statement…

  1. The people of that era longest life spam will be 40 years.
  2. Surprisingly, 5 to 6 years girls will be pregnant at the time.
  3. There source of electricity will come from stones, for example mountains, hills, etc.
  4. Football will fade-out and sex competition will be the order of the day between continents.
  5. People will no longer be going to hospitals, doctors and nurses will give prescription remotely to patients.
  6. Aeroplane will be outmoded, thus the level of technology will be far advance such that people of that era will use far advance technology to travel without pilot.
  7. I have foreseen that at the time, scientists will use advance technology to remotely control the delivery of babies from the mother womb without going through the normal delivery process.
  8. I have also foreseen that, scientists will use our intelligence to control our television sets. Example, TV channels will change immediately you think about them. Even when you are out of your home and you forget to turn off your TV, it will automatically go off by itself.
  9. Buildings of the 22nd world will be hanging between the earth and the sky.
  10. Wild animals will be pets in various homes and will be harmless.
  11. People of 22nd world will dress like the people of the 13th
    century such animal skin with blood because of high nature of occult, witchcraft etc.
  12. The field of Agriculture, all the current agricultural methods will no longer be applied because crops planted by farmers will be cultivated within few minutes, at least 30mins for the harvest.

A critic may ask that we are in the early part of the 21st century, how can we then testify the credibility of this information when almost all of us might not be alive.

My answer to the person is – I spiritually hacked in the past some tough political events in the west African sub region and other parts of the world with percentages and decimals of elections results.

A year or two ahead of the elections and eventually came to past precisely. Also in the field of sport, I hacked into the 2014 world cup database spiritually and I saw that Germany has won the world cup.

I am the same person who hacked the American elections database spiritually and saw physically Russian hackers will hack the election results in favor of Donald Trump which precisely came to past.

The rest of the details are in the hands of Allah. My source of my article is from the Holy Quran


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