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Women Have A Higher IQ Than Men – Uncle Ebo Whyte



Uncle Ebo Whyte has once again provided an eye-opener in the area of romance and marriage.

Women, according to the wise relationship counsellor, are smarter than males (in the same age bracket). As a result, a certain amount of leeway should be given to these men’s acts.

This submission was made on the TV3 NewDay show, when Uncle Ebo Whyte discussed the complexities of the male-female connection.

“I say this, and a lot of people disagree with me,” he said. Women have a higher IQ than men. As a result, many women arrive with a plan. And, in many cases, the individual has no idea what has happened to him.

Every other women can see right through a woman’s strategy right away. And the irritation of women who are close to a man can sometimes be expressed as, “Can’t you see it?” Because that is so evident to you (women) with your intelligence and everything. But he’s having a great time and is completely unaware of what’s going on.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte said that if men’s obliviousness is not taken into account, it can harm their relationships. He advised women to search for traits that indicate a man’s willingness to unlearn and learn.

“Please, men, mature. We (men) are often not at your level when you marry us (women), even if the age difference is only two or one year. You (women) are well out there in terms of life, whereas we (guys) are nowhere. We (guys) are neither mentally or emotionally capable.

So, if you see that he is focused, that he values you, that he has some sense, and that he is the type of person who can be taught, go with him.”

He also provided an example of how a teachable and wise guy responds when his ignorance is exposed. Anyone who reacts aggressively and violently to correction should be warned that they are a ticking time bomb.

“He may not be on your level, but when you argue with him, he is fast to pick reason.” Someone may not realize what he is doing is improper, but if you tell him, “My brother, what you did was rude,” he will understand. And he says, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” I just thought I was having a good time. Then he’s rational.”


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