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We’ll Expose The Emptiness Of Mahama’s Petition – NPP Replies



The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has rubbished the NDC’s petition filed at the Supreme Court, yesterday, December 30, 2020.

In a fiery press statement on Thursday, December 31, 2020, the party wrote:

“The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has taken notice of the filing of an Election Petition by John Dramani Mahama, challenging the declaration of H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as the validly elected and duly declared President-Elect of the Republic of Ghana.
Indeed, the responsible, appropriate and democratic means of determining election disputes is by resort to the Courts. Better still, the process of filing a Petition in court ought to put to bed the many cases of intimidation, threats and acts of violence and arson and destruction of property, that have been the preferred path for the NDC.

“The NPP is assured that the 7th December 2020 Elections was won fair and square. Indeed, the evidence presented by the NDC has only reassured the people of Ghana that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo won the elections. The fact of transparency of the General Elections was also resoundingly affirmed by the myriad of local and international observers that participated in the electoral process.

“It is quite curious that John Dramani Mahama, the NDC flagbearer and Petitioner, who grounds his Petition on supposed errors made by the Electoral Commission, has himself submitted a Petition fraught with errors, including requesting a run-off between himself and the Electoral Commission. It is also unfortunate that even after filing the Petition in court, the NDC led by John Dramani Mahama continues to incite supporters to pour onto the streets to cause chaos and anarchy.

“The NPP wishes to assure its supporters and the People of Ghana that the Legal Team of H.E. the President is ready to expose the emptiness of John Mahama’s Petition and the NDC’s denial of the electoral truth that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo indeed won this election without any iota of doubt.
Our response will show that the NDC has presented no material evidence of value in Court to support its blatantly false claims regarding the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. They lied to their supporters that they had won and started referring to John Dramani Mahama falsely as the President-Elect. Now they have backtracked, settling futilely for a run-off which they themselves know will not happen. They have attempted and continue to use lies, threats, violence, and intimidation to seek forlornly to overrule the manifest will of the people as freely expressed on 7th December, 2020. We are absolutely confident that the facts and figures as presented in court, even by the NDC, will very easily, in a transparent and indisputable manner, reaffirm the expressed will of the voting public that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo won the 2020 Presidential Election “one touch” and convincingly so.

“It must, however, be stressed that it is quite worrying that John Dramani Mahama, through his social media handles, continues to incite violence even as he invokes his right to use the court process to settle his grievance. He posted on his Facebook page and Twitter handle as follows;
“While in court, the NDC will continue all legitimate actions, including protests, to demand the enforcement of the rule of law and protection of life and property of the good people of Ghana.”

“This is rather unfortunate and unbefitting of a former President of the Republic. It is obvious that the Petitioner himself has very little confidence in the Petition he is presenting and is still resorting to intimidation to overturn the express will of the people of Ghana. In his latest Press Conference, he explained he is going to court only “to remove doubt.” Does he need the Supreme Court to remove his doubts about losing the elections?

“The several attempts to use lies, threats, violence and intimidation to overrule the will of the People is disappointingly undemocratic of the NDC and its leader, John Dramani Mahama.
By calling on his supporters to continue going on the streets, John Dramani Mahama has not only flagrantly flouted but also abused the Peace Pact signed on the 4th of December 2020 where he undertook amongst others, in the presence of witnesses and on National Television, “to accept the results of the elections and concede to the winner accordingly and to use judicial resolution of election disputes, where necessary.”

“We call on John Dramani Mahama to immediately retract his inciteful statements to his supporters. It is highly irresponsible of John Dramani Mahama to commence the judicial process yet still admonish his supporters to continue with the violent protests that have threatened the security and peace of Ghanaians and caused Ghanaians to live in unnecessary fear and panic over the past few weeks. The good people of Ghana hold John Dramani Mahama accountable to his sacred undertaking to comply with the Peace Pact, just as H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo did in 2012 and 2016.

“Indeed, when NPP filed a Petition in 2012, we notably admonished our supporters not to hit the streets and they did not hit the streets. In fact, this was acknowledged by John Dramani Mahama’s Foreign Minister then, Hannah Tetteh, who said to investors in Dubai on May 2, 2013:
“Our elections have been challenged but they are being challenged in court, they are not being challenged in the streets and whatever is the outcome of the court’s decision, we will all go along with it as political parties.”

“The NPP is greatly confident that due process will prevail, and the Supreme Court will deal with the Petition in accordance with the rule of law.
May God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong!


Yaw Buaben Asamoa

(Communications Director)

Source: GhanaFeed.Com


Villagers, I’ll Sack All Of You And Close Down The Radio Station – Kennedy Agyapong Descends On Ash FM Workers



Assin Central Lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong has once again lashed out at his employees, albeit, this time Ash FM.

Speaking on the Attitude Show, the controversial legislator accused his employers of lacking civility and manners and further described them as criminals who steal from his business.

“Let’s come home, Ash FM got me very sad this weekend. The next time I go to Kumasi I will close the radio station; I will sack everyone. It is filled with typical villagers. Let me tell you why I say they are villagers who are disgracing Ashanti’s. I am travelling and as soon as I get back, I will close the station. We were listening to the news on our way to Takoradi, we had tuned in to Ash FM and they were reporting on someone who had been robbed. They spent the time between 6 to 6:30 running a commentary about how the person was attacked and beaten up,” he was quoted by ghanaweb.

“As soon as he finished another guy came to continue with sports and the pace with which he was speaking, it was as though he was running a live commentary. I called Kenneth to find out what was going on because I don’t have their numbers. I allow them to work; everybody to work. But they are thieves, criminals. About 80% of journalists in Ghana are thieves. The guy was giving sports news and he was shouting throughout, I inquired why he was doing that and the answer I was given is that ‘this is how we do it in Kumasi.’ But it is not true,” he fumed.

“These are the same people who will tell Akufo-Addo to fix the country, have you fixed your bad character? Have you fixed your horrible attitude?” he quizzed.

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Our Own People Keep Lying To Akufo-Addo And Ghanaians Aren’t Happy – NPP Man Laments



A communications team member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwesi Botchwey has bemoaned how President Akufo-Addo has transformed from being firm and strong to a more relaxed person who watches on while recklessness abounds in his government.

Speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, he bemoaned how the President who was known to be a no-nonsense persona, has suddenly become more relaxed; urging him to be up and doing.

He noted that appointees of the President continue to lie to him making everything look good in his eyes meanwhile Ghanaians aren’t happy.

According to Mr Botchwey, the ongoing #fixthecountry campaign should be taken seriously by the government.

To him, it doesn’t mean the government has failed to perform, rather, it means Ghanaians want more to be done.

“Ghanaians trust in Nana Addo and just like in 1995 he led the ‘Kumepreko’ crusade, Ghanaians want him to do same now. That energy he used is no longer there. It seems the President has relaxed. His action has reduced. He must crack the whip so Ghanaians would know that he is serious. All those who are leading galamsey especially, your appointees, must be punished, so it serves as a deterrent. Galamsey is now a pandemic, and Nana Addo should deal with those who are leading the galamsey,” he was reported by rainbowradioonline.

He continued: “What Ghanaians are demanding is accountability. Those you have employed are lying to you and you must punish them. That is what Ghanaians are saying,” he added.


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Shocking: Korle Bu Doctor Allegedly Poisons Colleague’s Water With HIV Blood



The Korle Bu police has launched an investigation into a case involving the contamination of a medical doctor’s drinking water with HIV-infected blood.

According to a report by Graphic Online a medical doctor, accompanied by the lawyer of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Mr Kwame Gyamfi, filed a complaint at the charge office of the police station regarding an attempt to poison the doctor’s drinking water.

The doctor told the police about how he returned from a 24-hour duty with six other doctors at the Labour Ward One of the hospital only to arrive at his consulting room and realise his drinking water which he kept in a water bottle in the room was contaminated.

According to the doctor he immediately conducted test on the water after finding a reddish substance that appeared like blood in the water.

The test found out that there was blood in the water which was HIV positive.

The medical doctor told the police that he suspected one of his colleagues and gave his name to the police. He claimed that the two of them had some disagreement while they were on duty at the labour ward.

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