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Rasheeda Adams Replies Ras Mubarak’s Latest Post; Threatens To Block Anyone Who Tries To Advice Her



Rasheeda Adams, the ex-wife of former Kumbungu MP, Ras Mubarak, has finally responded to the former legislator’s latest post on their feud.

Rasheeda addresses some of the issues raised by her ex-husband and also warns her friends to desist from counseling her.

Read her full post below . ..

When I walk in crowded places. My head is always straight and forward facing. I don’t look around, don’t fidget I don’t turn I don’t falter.

Just as in life.

I don’t see or hear distractions, I’m great at avoiding problems, I find closure unnecessary and find that I’m dead to needless chatter.

For this reason when people try to derail or impede my journey they always end up sorely disappointed. Because I don’t turn my head, don’t see and don’t hear, I am never bothered by the buzzards. So you can either face your life or take somebody’s matter World Cup. Your choice.

A thing I know about myself is this; that I know myself. Very intimately. And that self I’ve never hidden, which is why I’m shocked when people who’ve seen me in broad daylight, try to shine a candle to my face when they meet me at night as if they don’t already know me.

Who doesn’t know that if you want to have a good day you should desist from pissing me off?

When have I ever told any of you that I’m a reincarnation of the mother Theresa? When was I ever a bodhisattva?

Just yesterday I was telling you people on this very same Facebook, you f*ck with and me I’ll pay you back in equal measure, did I stutter?

I have many blessings in my beautiful beautiful life, and it’d be hubris to think that I deserve all these nice people and things around me but don’t deserve a few troubles.

My one single trouble which I have come to accept will always be this person who is inextricably linked to my life and is doing everything to be a thorn in my side simply because I refuse to stomach violence.

That one bad choice I made will haunt me forever and I’ve made my peace with it. But I’ll be damned if I let someone bully me while under their roof and get to continue even while I’m away from them.

What kind of human being am I if i can’t stand up for myself? When have I ever been known to let people do whatever they want to me and get away with it?

So yes, if he comes for me, I’m coming for him. And if you have any advice, give it to him. He’s going 50. He’s old. And yet is the one going around making a mess of himself and attacking me relentlessly.

A grown man who wakes up everyday to concoct lies about a woman who’s looking after children who are partially his responsibility, because he can’t. And All because he’s jealous of your capabilities which are absent in himself. And you call me and ask me to stop.

Stop what?

When people piss you off, do you give them a hug or cuss them out? I don’t care what you do but I do the latter, and it feels good. So I’ll stick with it.

If he troubles, insults me or my family or tries to embarrass me in any way, I won’t be rolling over.

The thing that causes me the most sadness in all this is that, no matter how I stretch and contort I will have no choice but to be bound with this person forever. That’s my biggest worry and regret in this world.
But I’ll take it, bad decisions deserve repercussions. I chose the wrong person, I’ll pay for it. But I won’t take it lying down.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate counsel. But people need to know when to respect grown people’s agency especially if those people have lived their lives well enough without their help and have consistently made good decisions.

In short, try and be resting with the plenty advice. “But the kids”. My kids have a wonderful life, they have me. They’re perfectly fine. How are yours?

I’ll carry my heavy heavy cross. You too mind your plenty plenty business. Sound good?

This is all I’ll say on the matter because I don’t think this person deserves a mention on my wall or any more of my time. And attempting to respond to his envy-filled lies would be stooping too low. I won’t be partaking. It’s noise, it will stop.

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