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Mahama Or Okudzeto: Who Is Behind Kevin Taylor’s Brazen Attack On Muntaka And Haruna? – Is Mahama Trying To Solidify His Hold On Rawlings’ NDC?



Politics, they say, has many meanings. What then is politics? To this deceptively simple question there is actually no simple answer.

Throughout the history of the discipline, political theorists and practitioners have offered multiple, at times contradictory, at times overlapping definitions of what politics involves. It is therefore difficult (if not impossible) to provide a single definition of politics that everyone can agree on.

But in the Ghanaian context, perhaps, politics may simply be defined as one’s prevailing interests under the prevailing circumstances at a particular time, or perhaps something close to that.

The changing dynamics of power in the NDC, Ghana’s largest and most significant opposition party is there for all to see, or i should say, for the politically enlightened to see.

Since the demise of the Party’s founder, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, last year, the Party’s power base has shifted significantly towards it’s only surviving former Head of State; John Dramani Mahama.

The question which now remains is; who is Mr Mahama willing to work closely with as his leaders in Parliament?

A few months ago, this question wouldn’t have been necessary at all, but with recent developments and rumors that the current minority leadership in Parliament, led by Haruna Iddrisu, is pursuing an anti-Mahama agenda, this question cannot be brushed under the carpet.

Though Haruna Iddrisu and Mr Mahama appear to demonstrate a good relationship publicly, it is an open secret that the two are both wary of each other.

Mr Mahama appears to be indirectly supporting Alhaji Fuzak, the new boy on the block who is aiming for Haruna Iddrisu’s absolute authority in the North.

Infact, in a video circulating on social media, John Mahama is seen in the company of Alhaji Fuzak and others as they are seen escorting him to board a plane, probably after a meeting of some sort.

Again, another issue that has left more questions than answers is US-based Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor’s recent calculated attacks on Muntaka and Haruna.

Is Kevin Taylor being encouraged by someone to malign the NDC parliamentary leadership? Is he acting on his own whims? Who stands to benefit from Kevin Taylor’s mercenary tactics?

The above and many more questions are lingering on the minds of Ghanaians, as the political climate heats up.

This writer cannot with certainty provide all answers to the questions above, but think of the following:

Has Okudzeto Ablakwa not positioned himself in a manner that paints him as an angel among the NDC parliamentary caucus, while painting his leaders and colleagues as black sheep? Think of how he resigned from the Appointments committee under bizarre circumstances, citing personal reasons.

Is it not a fact that Mr Ablakwa is a darling boy of the 2020 NDC flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama?

Is it also not a fact that Kevin Taylor appears to have slandered all top NDC parliamentarians in recent times except Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa.

Yes, there may be a grand power struggle in the NDC. Yes, there may also be an agenda to push Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mubarak out as leaders of the minority caucus. My instincts tell me that John Dramani Mahama and Okudzeto Ablakwa will be the biggest beneficiaries if Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka are eventually pushed out.

And oh, don’t be surprised if Kevin Taylor puts up an editorial to celebrate Okudzeto Ablakwa and designate him as a possible replacement for Haruna Iddrisu in the coming days.

Source: GhanaFeed.Com

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