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Beatings, Identification Haircut, And Attempted Murder: What Zanetor’s Ex-Boyfriend Told UK Authorities After Their Break-up



One of the mysterious tales that characterized the tenure of Mr Rawlings as head of state of Ghana was the alleged treatment of one Selassie Djentuh after he unceremoniously broke his relationship with Zanetor Agyemang Rawlings, first daughter of the Rawlings’.

It was claimed during those days that Selassie was persecuted by military and police personnel on the orders of President Rawlings because of his break-up with Zanetor, even though no official statement came from the seat of government at that time.

Ghanaweb has reported what Selassie is said to have to have narrated to the UK Home Office when he sought asylum on grounds of political persecution.

Read the account below……….

In an account to the British Home Office when he was seeking asylum in the United Kingdom, Selassie in a five-page statement said “My relationship with Zanetor was not void of problems like in every relationship and I had a lot of pressure on me. Her condition for being in the relationship was a marriage which I promised and we exchanged rings.

“During the summer of 1998, her siblings told me about Zanetor’s suspicious behaviour. I was also told of this by some of her guards. The suspicions were confirmed when I found out she was allegedly involved in a secret relationship with her flying instructor. I sent her rings back to her and broke the relationship. She became bitter especially after all efforts on her part to reconcile were unfruitful.”

Amidst an alleged death threat on his life, Selassie indicated he was charged with reckless driving by a public tribunal in Accra on March 5, 1999, after a big truck knocked him off his motorcycle.

“The driver of the vehicle refused to take me to the hospital and drove off. I was saved by a bystander who informed my friend who in turn informed my mother. I sustained several injuries and was bedridden for over eight weeks. The Police refused to divulge the identity of the driver and the manner in which the case was handled gave me grounds for suspicion.

“Initially, the Police claimed that the docket was missing, then later the investigator confided in me that it had been called to the Castle, the Office of the President. He said he was only following orders and had been instructed to be silent. I was charged with reckless driving by a public tribunal on March 5, four months after the accident without the driver of the truck being charged. They later went on air to announce that I knocked a tipper truck and told the Police the motorbike belonged to the President. It was a big lie,” Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh narrated.

On January 15, 2000, Selassie said he was arrested by some soldiers sent from the Castle on his way to one of his mother’s estate in Accra.

He indicated that “upon arrival, I saw that there was a light blue van parked with two of my mother’s workers in it and five soldiers, some of the soldiers were in uniform. I approached the vehicle and enquired from the workers where they were going. The driver whom I later learnt to be W.O. Addo, ordered me to sit in the van. I enquired where they were taking me […] I was hit several times by one of the soldiers with the butt of his rifle whilst the others slapped and kicked me to a pulp. They hit my head against the van several times before pushing me in. When I was in the van, I heard on the radio that they had got me…”

He continued: “I was driven to the Castle, the seat of government. I was dragged out of the van and beaten again. I was shaved with an old rusty blade and later with a broken bottle. I was told that the President had ordered my hair to be brought to him. They said the President had also ordered them to kill me and dump my body in the sea. I know that my hair was collected. I do not know whether it was actually taken to the President.

“I was questioned about my relationship with Zanetor and how many times I slept with her. I was beaten up several times throughout my detention. I was questioned about my knowledge of the Rawlings’s estate (their properties and buildings) and I told them I knew nothing. The guards insisted Zanetor told me certain secrets and they wanted to know how much I knew. W.O. Budu alleged since my mother had gone on air about my abduction, they could not do what they had planned but they could chase me to any country I run to and finish me off.”

Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh maintained that his parents faced trial on three false charges of assault and deceit of a public officer and offensive behaviour.

He indicated that his mother’s 35 houses were razed to the ground by the Police who claimed to be following orders from above.

“The judge handling the case refused to listen to my evidence to support my parents’ defence. My brother Macky could not go to school because of threats he had received over the phone as well as the rest of the family. We are all living in fear.”

Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh noted that he didn’t doubt that the late President wanted him to be killed because of a father’s great love for his daughter, he was aggrieved that their relationship ended abruptly.

Source: GhanaWeb


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Supreme Court’s Verdict On Mahama’s Petition ‘Full Of Patent Falsehoods’ – NDC



The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in a statement has expressed disagreement with the judgement of the Supreme Court in the just ended election petition insisting it was ‘full of patent falsehoods’.

According to the National Communications Officer of the party Sammy Gyamfi, the court used wrong facts in coming to their judgement.

“Folks, the judgment of the Supreme Court on the 2020 Election Petition is full of patent falsehoods, particularly, their ratio decidendi on issue 2, which is captured at the last paragraph of page 39 of the Judgement.

“The claim by the Court that the figure 13,434,574, which was announced by Jean Mensah in her 9th December declaration was actually the Total Vote Cast for the election but that same was mistakenly announced by the Returning Officer as the total valid votes cast, is untrue and not borne out of the evidence that was before the court,” he wrote in a statement Friday.

He further noted: “As can be seen from the attached Form 13 (Declaration of Presidential Election Results- National Summary Sheet) which is Exhibit 4 of the Witness Statement of Jean Mensah, a document I believe was forged by the EC to justify the unconstitutional declaration, the Total Vote cast for the 2020 Presidential election is 13,434,508 and not 13,434,574 as the Court claims. So how did the Court arrive at the conclusion that the figure 13,434,574 is the total vote cast? Can they point to one official document that has that figure as the total vote cast for the 2020 Presidential election?

“Also, the Court’s claim that Jean Mensah committed an error relative to the total valid vote cast in her declaration, which was later corrected on 10th December is false, as the figure the EC published as the total valid votes in their unsigned press release of 10th December is 13,119,460 and not the 13,121,111 the court claims is the correct total valid votes cast for the election. These inconsistent figures expose the flawed conclusion the Court arrived at. This is what happens when an electoral management body cooks figures to achieve a fraudulent predetermined election outcome. The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the patently flawed and unconstitutional declaration of the 2020 Presidential results by Jean Mensah, makes a mockery of justice. Very pathetic!”.

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Shame On You For Leaving Your Job To Drink Tea For 3-Hours In EC Office – Atubiga Blasts Rojo Nunoo



A member of the Communications Team of the NDC, Stephen Atubiga has slammed Rojo Mettle-Nunoo, one of the two agents who represented the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Electoral Commission’s Strong Room (National Collation Centre) during the 2020 polls for deserting his job to drink tea for over 3 hours in the EC boss office.

Speaking on Class FM’s Mid-day news programme he said, “We are angry, we are upset. I mean, how can somebody go and sit for three hours in somebody’s office drinking tea and would not bow the head in shame but says: ‘I didn’t get biscuit’. I mean, you have an obligation, you left the room ajar”.

“Within the three hours that the man was sitting at the EC Chair’s office drinking tea, do you what can happen within those three hours? Do you know what arrangements can be done? I’m talking about Rojo. Rojo sitting at the EC’s office for three hours, who was coordinating with him? So, the three hours, nobody called him from the campaign directorate, from Afriyie Ankrah and co., from John Dramani Mahama’s office, from Joshua Alabi as the campaign manager; nobody was making a phone call there monitoring and asking them questions? It means somebody was sleeping on the job and without disrespect to anybody, Joshua Alabi is the campaign manager for us, it is his responsibility to coordinate with the party and all sectors to make sure that we get victory”, he fumed.

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Breaking: Court Sentences Taadi Girls Kidnappers To Death By Hanging



The two Nigerians, Samuel Udoetuk Wills and John Oji have been found guilty of kidnapping and killing the four Takoradi girls.

They have subsequently been sentenced to death by hanging.

They have been given 30 days within which they can appeal the sentence.

The two were found guilty by the seven-member jury at the Sekondi High Court on Friday [March 5, 2021] reports Graphic Online’s Dotsey Koblah Aklorbortu from Sekondi in the Western Region.

The High Court presided over by Justice Richard Adjei-Frimpong, a Court of Appeal Judge with additional responsibility as a High Court judge, gave the sentence after the 7-member jury found them guilty.

Source: Graphiconline

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